Evil Dead (2013) Review

After being a fan of the original film I was excited to hear of a remake/reboot of the series a couple of years ago so I couldn’t wait to check out the new film this week, however it’s not as good or as scary as you think it’s going to be, granted its horrendously gory but some of the “deaths” you will have seen before in various other now “iconic” horror films of the last ten years (Saw, Final Destination etc etc) 

Whilst it wasn’t a terrible film it just wasn’t the best, I only really jumped a couple of times and most of the time the scares are handed to you on a plate so you know their coming, it’s just the gore that makes you cover your eyes and not want to watch…


Rating : ***

For fans of : Saw, Final Destination, Hostel, Cabin Fever & Evil Dead