Evil Dead (2013) Review

After being a fan of the original film I was excited to hear of a remake/reboot of the series a couple of years ago so I couldn’t wait to check out the new film this week, however it’s not as good or as scary as you think it’s going to be, granted its horrendously gory but some of the “deaths” you will have seen before in various other now “iconic” horror films of the last ten years (Saw, Final Destination etc etc) 

Whilst it wasn’t a terrible film it just wasn’t the best, I only really jumped a couple of times and most of the time the scares are handed to you on a plate so you know their coming, it’s just the gore that makes you cover your eyes and not want to watch…


Rating : ***

For fans of : Saw, Final Destination, Hostel, Cabin Fever & Evil Dead


Escape Route


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Paramore : Paramore Review

I’ve been a huge Paramore fan since they first started so I was incredibly excited to hear the new album from them (Out April 8th) 

Since the departure of the Farro brothers, Paramores sound has matured and darkened with songs like “Monster” and with the release of the “Singles Club” EP in the last 18 months they have been keeping fans waiting for new music for a while now.

Thankfully it was worth the wait, you’re going to read everywhere that this doesn’t sound like a typical Paramore record and it’s so true, this is a record that displays a more mature yet still playful and more pop orientated sound.

The album opens with “Fast In My Car” which for me reminded me of No Doubt (and so is Hayley’s current image) it’s a definite nod to the trials and tribulations that the band have experienced in the last 3 years and sounds different to the last three album openers which have all been quite angry and vengeful.

Next up is first single “Now” here paramore display a more pop sound however it still sounds just like they always have, “Grow Up” is next which is sure to go down really well when they perform it live, “Daydreaming” is up next – here is the first proper emotive song on the album and for some reason reminds me of being at a festival, it reminds me of their early stuff such as “Oh Star” “Never Let This Go” & “My Heart”

Now we have the first of three interludes on the album “Moving On” – the country influence of Tennessee where the band hail from is obvious here.

Next up is my favourite song on the album “Ain’t It Fun” after first hearing a minute preview of itunes a couple of weeks ago I was desperate to hear the whole thing and it’s just so good, it’s anthemic, fun, there’s a real 90’s R’N’B vibe here and will an absolute belter performed live! Halfway through there is a gospel choir and Hayley’s vocals truly shine on this one! It’s really just fantastic – it’s the only word you can use to describe it really! – I’m really hoping this gets single treatment!

The next track is quite interesting (“Part II”) as it serves as a direct sequel to 2007’s “Let The Flames Begin” from “Riot!” and incorporates the melody from the outro used within live performances of LTFB – this is more of a “classic” paramore song and wouldn’t have been out of place on the band’s last album “Brand New Eyes”

“Last Hope” is up next, this track is a slower song and again is more a vintage sounding paramore song in the vein of “When It Rains”

Next up is second single “Still Into You” – again the No doubt influence is here, a sweet pop song about Hayley’s relationship with boyfriend Chad Gilbert, whilst the words are personal to her relationship it really captures the feeling of being in love perfectly!

“Anklebiters” is another of my favourites from the album, it sounds like Paramore, Blink 182 and All Time Low all went in the studio and this is the result, it sounds like the kind of pop punk played in 90s teen movies!

The second interlude “Holiday” is another slice of country pop that gives a nice break to the album

“Proof” is another slice of pure pop punk with loud guitars and Hayley’s yelping vocals going perfectly together!

“Hate To See Your Heartbreak” is the saddest song on the album, a bonafide “slow jam” it’s this albums “Only Exception”, “(One Of Those) Crazy Girls is Paramore doing 60s meets 90s pop rock which sounds like it shouldn’t work but it does! – I wouldn’t be suprised if this gets to be a single!

“I’m Not Angry Anymore” is the last interlude – is it a message to the departed Farro brothers? Maybe?

“Be Alone” is another pop punk anthem, with a huge singalong chorus!

“Future” potentially is the best song on the album, it starts and a slow atmospheric, quiet, acoustic song with quiet vocals and simple rythms until it transforms into 4;30 minutes of loud, distorted guitars and no lyrics – a beautiful way to finish the album off!


Rated : *****

Best Songs:

  • Ain’t It Fun
  • Part II
  • Anklebiters
  • Still Into You
  • Future